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South East Asia's only Mobile Planetarium with over 1500+ schools and 900000+ students catered!


Want to create an amazing & immersive science show in your school?

360° immersive 3D Experience of the Universe, right in your school premises.

Engage, Amaze and Inspire your students through a space adventure by bringing India's Best Mobile Planetarium - Space Trek Planetarium to your school.


Let your students enjoy Age-appropriate, meaningful, fun and educational experience of our Universe inside the giant dome.

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Get 'Immersed' in Learning - The 'Real' Way!

One of the fastest and popular ways of education today is learning through 'immersive environments'. Wondering what it is?


Immersive environments allow learners to immerse themselves in a simulated environment, while experiencing it as completely real. Learning provided is thus experiential rather than based on textbooks. It makes learning Effective, Engaging and Exciting


Utilizing this fantastic tool of Immersive Learning, Space Trek Global has decided to reinvent how we perceive learning.


Space Trek is an EdTech specialist with headquarters in Singapore and R&D facilities in Chennai, India.

Want to create an amazing  science show in your school?

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Entire Concept of having a mobile planetarium in your school explained


5 amazing values your students get inside the dome


Inspiring Content

A visit to the mobile planetarium dome inspires your students and opens them up to higher order thinking.

Scientific Acumen

The shows tinkle your students' appetite for scientific thinking. Knowledge about our Universe.

 Immersive Experience

Students watch highly curated content according to their grade studying. This will help them to understand the concepts better.

Universe Knowledge

When the mobile planetarium show is over, your students will be able to understand about our universe better.

Happiness Guaranteed

Domes are historically a happy-place. Whether they learn or not, we are pretty sure, kids come out of the dome with real happiness.

Want your students to talk about black holes, galaxies and moon missions when the planetarium show is over?

A summary on our planetarium program

One of the fastest and popular ways of education today is learning through 'immersive environments'. Wondering what it is?

General details about the Shows

Grade Level: K - 12

Max Audience Size: 40 - 60 students and 2 teachers

Duration: 30 mins (approx)

Min no of Sessions per Day: 8

Setup Time: 45 mins

Tear Down Time: 30 mins

Seating for Students: Tarp/ Cushion Mats

Requirements from the School

Dome Size: 20 feet x 20 feet

Dome Height: 10 feet

Electrical Requirements: One 15 Amps power socket

Outdoor Setup: Not Possible

Room Requirement: Most Classrooms, Auditoriums, Library, Gymnasiums are more than adequate to house the mobile planetarium

Staff Requirements: 1 Coordinator during the show

The Planetarium shows are FREE for all Teachers, Support Staffs and Non-teaching Staffs.
Download Class wise Learning Outcomes Catalog

Benefits of having a Planetarium Show in your School

One of the fastest and popular ways of education today is learning through 'immersive environments'. Wondering what it is?

Save time and money in arranging a visit to the nearby science center

Edutainment Program = Education + Entertainment

Create a science event inside the school premises

The Planetarium show provided by Space Trek is completely aligned with State, Samacheer, CBSE and NCERT Syllabus.

Show content created by NASA, Adler Planetarium, Aayushi Animations and many more…

In the service of schools for the past 15+ years.

Largest show catalog in the country with more than 70+ shows

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the fastest and popular ways of education today is learning through 'immersive environments'. Wondering what it is?

  • What is the cost per student?
    We have 3 different customizable programs according to the need of the school. Bronze, Gold & Platinum Plans. Every month, there are special offers, please reach out to our sales representative through this link -
  • What is the minimum student strength to conduct a planetarium show in your school?
    We need a minimum strength of 300 students to cater your school. The mobile planetarium can cater upto 400 students per day.
  • What is the requirement from the school?
    The school needs to provide a 20 feet x 20 feet indoor/ closed room with necessary ventilations and un-interupted power supply through a 15 Amps socket along with a coordinator to handle the sessions.
  • Will special classes be conducted along with the planetarium show?
    We have special programs (online & offline) which are optional, chargeable and customizable according to the needs of the school.
  • What happens next after the planetarium show?
    Students from Grade 3 onwards get a special FREE online Masterclass on our Solar System and an Online Certification upon completion of the course.
  • What kind of marketing support do the school get?
    Upon confirmation of the dates, we can provide a customised digital poster (with the school logo and photo), digital circular & video invitation to market the program to your parents.
  • Can the planetarium show be conducted for FREE in the school?
    We do provide CSR outreach to underprivileged schools where the cost of operations (travel, accommodation & running costs) alone can be taken up by the school or sponsored by individuals. To apply for our CSR outreach - Click here.
  • What if some students cannot afford the planetarium show?
    We understand that time will not be favourable to everyone, everytime and will not charge for these students.

Inside the dome environment, learning exponentially increases, since there is no other distraction for your students. What are you waiting for?

Book a Planetarium Show in your School now

Featured In Top Media

7 reasons for you to consider Space Trek Planetarium:

We are truly Mobile with the widest range of planetarium sizes in India ranging from 5m - 7m to suite to your needs.

Run under the tutelage of Learning Coach, Vinod Kumar, World Robotics Olympiad winning coach for Team India, NASA Certified Trainer

Only Planetarium to have more than 45+ different age appropriate shows.

Show Content created by NASA, Rice University, Adler Planetarium, Clark Planetarium, Houston Museum and many more

After Show FREE Online MasterClass - Only Planetarium to provide

Customizable Show Packages

Shows ranging from Rs. 70/-

Inspiring a generation of students towards Science & Technology. Read how Space Trek for the past 6 years has worked with 1500+ schools and catered to 900000+ students in the education sector.


Step 1 - Book the date in the next step.

Step 2 - Get marketing materials within 48 hrs

Step 3 - Market the program to parents

What happens when you book the planetarium show?


Step 4 - Collect payment from Students

Step 5 - Conduct Planetarium Show

One of the fastest and popular ways of education today is learning through 'immersive environments'. Wondering what it is?

Step 6 - Make students attend FREE Masterclass

Step 7 - Get Online Certified

Testimonial from Schools

One of the fastest and popular ways of education today is learning through 'immersive environments'. Wondering what it is?

Ramakrishna Mission School

Mala, Science Co-ordinator

When I saw the dome for the first time, I was mystified as a child and inspired as an adult! Such is the power of learning inside the dome.

Fairlands - A Foundation School


The planetarium show from Space Trek has been a yearly ritual at our school. Since shows are class-wise and age appropriate, kids are also looking forward to it every year.

Satchidananda Jothi Niketan


The dome experience is a proof that for a scientific mind everything is possible

Amrita Vidyalayam

Athulya, Parent of Varun Krishna

My kid had been talking about the planetarium show for the whole day. He was so mesmerised by the experience and started online search about the stars when he came home. Being away from the local planetarium, arranging for this experience at the school is really amazing


St Joseph’s International School, Singapore


There was not a kid that left the dome that was not smiling. Everyone thought it was great and many of the kids could not wait to see the show again and bring back their parents. We had teachers asking to do this every year. The Staff from Space Trek were very professional and cordial with the kids. We were so happy to have Space Trek Planetarium and will definitely be having you guys back again. Thank you!


We are an experience company

With over 15+ years of experience in the school domain, we look at only one thing - to Change the Way of Learning and provide the best in class experience to kids.


For Any Queries, Please Reach Us Through

+91 94296 90600

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